indian street food

  • Facts

    Unknown Indian Street Food that will impress your Taste Buds!

    When it comes to delicious street foods, Indian Street Food will never fail to impress your taste buds. There are countless options for street food available at cheap rates. The fast foods are ready to eat food and are sold by vendors at public streets. Street foods are inexpensive so that people from economic classes eat from these vendor and…

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  • HistoryPani Puri

    The Invention of Your Favourite Snack Pani Puri

    Paani puri, Puchka, Gol-Gappa, Paani batasha, Gupchup, Phuki, many even call it the soul food. . . .did you drool though? A good dose of Pani Puri, for every Indian, is pure joy personified. Isn’t it? From streets to fine dining, this delicious dish has served many bellies with utmost pleasure and satisfaction. Whenever one feels like eating street food,…

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