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An English major. A writer and and a procrastinator by day and a reader by night. my Instagram bio says, i am a hypocrite and my twitter account's bio agreed, on some levels. though my Facebook bio says i am least interested. I am an OK person. *CRINGE SMILES*
  • Health and Wellnessself care diys

    5 Self-Care DIYs for Healthy Skin at Home

    This summer has taken a wide hot turn. It has become harder to take care of the skin. The products we have today are only making our skins hard, rough, and unmanageable. Here are some homemade easy-to-do self-care diys for healthy skin at home! 5 Self-Care DIYs for Healthy Skin at Home 1. Clay and Honey Face Wash Ingredients: 1. 1…

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  • FactsAfrican Continent is Splitting to Form an Ocean Basin

    African Continent is Splitting to Form an Ocean Basin

    The African continent is splitting in two and the result will eventually be a huge new continent. which will leave Africa without it’s horn. The reason is a geological rift that runs down the eastern side of the continent which will eventually be replaced with a new ocean basin. Things began to change around 180 million years ago when the modern South Atlantic Ocean, Southern…

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  • Health and Wellness

    5 Weird Personality Disorders

    Personality disorders are a wreck for the human brain, body, and soul. So these disorders can mold a person and can destroy a person in no time. These disorders are said to be found in every 1 out of 5 people on earth. 5 Weird Personality Disorders 1. Paranoid personality disorders These people are almost always suspicious of others’ motives…

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  • FoodDishes from India Called in Foreign Lands

    9 Dishes from India Called in Foreign Lands

    Ever wondered what the pakodas are called outside India? while we call our food with all the yummy names, the other countries have given these dishes their own classic names. we should totally dig these names, Let’s see what all these dishes are called in foreign lands!! 9 Dishes from India Called in Foreign Lands 1. Pakoda via food is…

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  • FactsInteresting Facts About Bananas

    10 Interesting Facts About Bananas

    Bananas are loved by many and are grown in the warmer regions of this planet. Aside from being enjoyed fresh, cuisines all over the world feature the fruit in both sweet and savory dishes. But did you know that almost 1,000 varieties exist in the world? 10 Interesting Facts About Bananas 1. Bananas do not grow on trees The banana…

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