Revealing the startling truth behind Ravan’s demise

Though Ravan is remembered as a “Rakshasa” or a Demon in Hindu mythology-The Ramayana, he was a great personality. Great in many ways-either his territory of the famous Lanka, his deepest devotion to Lord Shiva, his extraordinary skills of Veena playing, but above all, Ravan was the most learned Scholar of the Vedas and Puranas. Even being a Demon, Ravan was Brahma’s great-grandson. But have you people ever wondered what led to his downfall. So, let’s try revealing the startling truth behind Ravan’s demise.

Ravan was meant to live for almost 1000 years. He was immortal in a sense but the number of sins committed by him led to its contradiction. Ravan was cursed by a number of persons in his life that actually brought death to his life.

Curse by King Anarnay

Anarnay War--Procaffenation

Ravan wished to conquer the entire world. When he stepped out for that, he met King Anarnay on his way. King Anarnay was one of the most courageous and valiant warriors in the Raghuvansh. A battle then struck between the two and King Anarnay lost his life in that. Before he breathed his last breath, he cursed Ravan. The Curse says, ” Ravan will be killed by a man born in Anarnay’s ancestry. ” So, Lord Ram who born in his lineage killed Ravan.

Curse by Nandi(Sacred bull guard of Lord Shiva)

Nandi curse--Procaffenation

Ravan was a keen devotee of Lord Shiva. Once, when he went to Kailash Mountain to meet his diety, he recognized Nandi-the sacred bull, the gatekeeper of Kailash mountains. He started laughing at Nandi because of being him a bull. So, Nandi got angry and he cursed Ravana that Monkeys would be the reason for his demise. This curse later on become true when the Vanar Sena-the monkey’s army, assisted Lord Ram during his war against Ravan.

Curse by A Lady

Curse by a woman--Procaffenation

Once  When Ravan was traveling in his Pushpak Viman(ancient vehicle for flight), he saw a beautiful woman. She was busy in worshipping Lord Vishnu whom she wanted to marry. He got mesmerized by the woman’s beauty and tried to fulfill his lust. He pulled the lady’s hairs and ordered her to accompany him to Lanka. That lady sacrificed her body at the same place and cursed him. She said his this behavior with her would ultimately become the cause of his downfall. A woman would become the reason for his death. Later on, Goddess Sita proved to be the reason for the same.

Curse by The Apsara of Heaven-Rambha


On a day, when Ravan was heading towards heaven, he met Rambha. Rambha was one of the apsaras of heaven and soon to be his daughter-in-law also. She was going to be the wife of his elder brother’s son Nalkuber. Ravan got attracted by her beauty and again wanted to satisfy his lust. Rambha warned him not to touch her. But Ravan was far beyond in his ego and despite obeying and respecting her, he fulfilled his lust. When Nalkuber came to know about the whole thing, he got extremely angry. He cursed him that if he would try to touch any woman without her willingness, his head would break down into 100 separate pieces.

Curse by Ravan’s sister-Shurpanakha


Ravan fought a battle against the Kalkay king and defeated him. Shurpanakha’s husband, Vidyutjinn, was the Senapati (Army general) of the same Kalkay’s Army. Vidyutjinn died in that battle against Ravan. So, Ravan became the reason for his beloved sister’s husband death. This fact made Shurpanakha lost her mind and she cursed her own brother. She cursed him saying that she herself would become the reason for his death. So, later on, her encounter with Lord Laksham made her lose her nose. That incident invoked the rest kaand of Ramayana.

Curse by Ravan’s Daughter-in-law Maya


Ravan was a lustful man as depicted in the Hindu mythological stories. He even got attracted by his wife Mandodhari’s elder sister Maya. Maya was the wife of Vaijyantpur king Shambhar. When Ravan went to meet Shambhar, he trapped Maya in his wakjal. Shambhar on knowing about this incident, he imprisoned Ravan. At the same time, King Dashrath attacked Ravan. As a result of that battle, king Shambhar died. Maya decided to kill herself when she came to know about Shambhar’s death. When Ravan asked her to come with him, she cursed him saying that “Your had trapped me due to your lust which is why my husband has died. You will also die due to a similar kind of reason.”

Curse by mind-born sons of Brahma


It is believed that Ravan and Kumbhkaran were actually Jaya and Vijaya in their former lives. Jaya and Vijaya are the gatekeepers of Vishnu or the Vaikunth Dham. This position actually made them little arrogant and egoist. So, once when the four Kumaras, the mind-sons of Lord Brahma came to visit Lord Vishnu and stood at the gates of Vaikunth Dham. Jaya and Vijaya mistook them for naked children which actually was a result of their tapasya. This enraged the four Kumaras. They cursed Jaya and Vijaya saying that they would be parted from their lord. Jaya and Vijaya realized their mistake and they pleaded for forgiveness. So, the four Kumars said they could either spend 7 lives on earth as Lord Vishnu’s Avatar’s allies or 3 lives as their enemies. Jaya and Vijaya chose the latter option. So, as one of those three lifetimes, they were born as Ravan and Kumbhkaran.

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