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    Top 8 Fart Facts That Will ‘Blow’ Your Mind

    Everyone farts and as gross as it may seem, it is actually a very important process of our body. How much do you really know about these smelly humiliations?  Don’t we are here to tell you some fart facts and what makes them so impactful. Here are top 8 fart facts that will blow your mind. Special 14 Via: Google…

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    This Is How Farting Is Good For You so Fart It Out

    via – s.hswstatic.com Imprisoned, confined, held captive. That’s how you feel when someone restricts you from doing something. You feel like someone is curtailing you from your freedom. And that’s exactly how a fart feels when you don’t let it out. We certainly must learn the art of letting things out, be it emotions, feelings, or even farts. Anything kept…

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