• Factsdeadliest drugs in india

    The 4 Deadliest Drugs you can find in India

    55 billion dollars. 55 with 9 zeroes is the estimated value of the industry relying on drugs in India. The question is: what factors contribute to the growth of this self-destructive market? According to, drugs are substances (except food and water) that alter a person’s functioning physically and/or psychologically. On the grounds of law – drugs are classified as…

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  • FactsMarijuana Magic- the Science Behind this Drug

    Marijuana Magic- the Science Behind This Powerful Drug

    Ever wanted to do something illegal so desperately just to be a rebel and feel free? Yeah, me too. The one country that is the biggest consumer of marijuana undoubtedly is the USA. Although it is illegal to sell weed in most of the countries in the world, nothing stops the druggies hiding in different corners and gallivanting to their…

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  • Health and Wellness

    How Cigarette Molecules Give Away Your Secret Smoking Habits

    It doesn’t matter if you are an occasional or a habitual user, cigarette molecules stay much longer in your body than you can ever imagine. That is why it is easy to track whether you smoke or not. There are various tests that can be done to find this out, and many people go through it depending upon the requirement.…

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