• Self Care

    10 Homemade Health Drinks to Boost Immunity

    The human immune system is a defense system that includes various organs to fight diseases and helps one to stay healthy. Although building good immunity is a long process, there are many ways by which one can give a little boost to their immunity.  Many beverages play an important role in maintaining our health. Staying hydrated is one of the simplest ways to…

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  • Self CareWays To Get Rid Of Dark Spots Effectively

    11 Ways To Get Rid Of Dark Spots Effectively

    Dark spots are sore spots. Often, we find ourselves slathering on the makeup and buying products recommended by every second person we meet because we can’t seem to get those dark spots off or convincingly conceal them. What if I told you that there were veritable home remedies that will most likely do the job for you? Read on, find…

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  • Health and Wellness

    Winter Infections: Here Are Some Tricks To Be Safe From Winter Infections

    Winter Infections Change in temperature and weird weather is what makes you fall sick during winters. A sudden increase in the air pollutants increases the risk of infections and if caused. It worsens the symptoms and delays the recovery as well. Everyone gets locked up inside the house with a cough and cold which is most commonly seen. Here are…

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