• Fashion

    The Color of the Day is Black

    Are you someone whose wardrobe is bursting with the enchanting black fabric? Have your friends stopped getting your clothes from the color spectrum? Are you one of those people whose number one shopping rule is “If it’s not black, put it back”? Welcome aboard. Via Source: Complex Here are some of the personality traits that explain the inclination towards BLACK:…

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  • Factscolor psychology

    What is the Significance of Colors in our Emotions

    Does a yellow room make you feel anxious? Does blue color have a calm and relaxing effect on you? There has been a long belief among artists and interior designers that color can affect your mood, behavior, and decisions. The great artist Pablo Picasso once said: “Colors follow the changes of emotion.” A color is a potent tool for communication.…

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  • FactsChromology_The_pshychology_colors

    The Psychology Of Colours Are You Aware Of Chromology?

    Psychology has always left us transfixed with its revelations. Until introduced to this science, who’d have ever thought that the color of your favorite packet of chips or that of your office walls are as they are due to a more significant purpose behind them? Chromology i.e. the psychology of colors a less explored yet well-known branch of study about…

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  • History

    You Will Be Shocked To Know about The City That Bombed Itself

    More than 3 decades ago, Philadelphia earned the dreaded title, “The City That Bombed Itself”. More than 3 decades ago, the city brought a catastrophic end to its longstanding ‘battle’ with an organisation called MOVE. Gerald Renfrow stands amongst the houses shoddily rebuilt. The residences now lie neglected on the 6200 blocks of Osage Avenue and Pine Street. Renfrow holds…

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