6 Amazing Tricks to Get Healthy Whitening Teeth At Home

They say that the best thing that a person can wear is a beautiful smile. When shining pearly white teeth complement the smile, the effect is even more. The brightness is really unparalleled. White teeth signify healthy teeth. It is also a mark of good oral hygiene. Teeth are visible almost all the time, when you talk, smile, eat food, and almost at every activity during the day. Thus, it should be kept as clean as possible. Even looking at it from a social angle, people with white teeth are more confident and outspoken in comparison to the ones who do not sport the same. There is no denying the fact that maintaining the teeth at their sparkly best is not easy.

There is no substitution for proper brushing techniques for the maintenance of oral hygiene, particularly if you wear nighttime clear aligners. Once that is taken care of, your teeth will be white automatically.

With age, the outermost layer of enamel wears off, exposing the underlying dentin, which has a natural yellow hue. Stains from drinking beverages and food also contribute to discoloration. Some people are born with intrinsic stains, which may be very difficult to remove. However, there is some good news for people with the issues mentioned above. There are many remedies to get white teeth at home itself. In fact, the 6 most amazing among them have been mentioned below.

6 Amazing Tricks to Get Healthy Whitening Teeth At Home

1.Try a whitening  toothpaste

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Scientifically speaking, there is no toothpaste in the market right now that can cause whitening per se. Some do contain a minute amount of hydrogen peroxide, which is a chemical used for bleaching that may have some positive effects. The significant contribution of it is through an agent called abrasive.

They can remove stains, especially the extrinsic ones, which can make your teeth look white. The most recent inclusion is that of activated charcoal in toothpaste. However, use it judiciously to prevent the removal of sound enamel layers, which can have more harmful effects than good.

2. Brush your teeth frequently and correctly

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There is no substitution for proper brushing techniques for the maintenance of oral hygiene. Once that is taken care of, your teeth will be white automatically. According to the specifications of the American Dental Association, you should brush twice daily, once in the morning and once at night. The correct technique of brushing is by using circular motion by angulating your toothbrush at a 45-degree angle to your gums.

Target 3-4 teeth at one time, and after 10-12 circles, you should do a couple of swiping motions for proper cleaning. You should not neglect any teeth, including the surfaces on the inside. Always use a soft-bristled toothbrush to avoid abrasion, especially on the base of the teeth. Toothpaste with fluoride is preferred nowadays as they have the ability to reduce the decay on the teeth.

3. Coconut oil pulling

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The applications of coconut oil are plenty. It can be used to reduce the level of inflammation and for proper wound healing along with the lowering of cholesterol levels. However, it’s an application for teeth whitening that is very interesting. It is mainly due to the presence of a saturated fatty acid known as lauric acid. All you have to do is take a little amount of coconut oil and heat it to a lukewarm temperature for 5 minutes.

Use this to swish your mouth for 15-20 minutes, and you will see the results within a few days. Coconut oil is extremely healthy and also can kill bacteria. Thus, it can be used to prevent decay of the teeth as well. It is a perfect substitute for chemicals and is cost-effective as well.

4. Use baking soda for bad breath

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Baking soda has always been considered an excellent bleaching agent, and since it is edible, it can be advocated as a teeth whitening agent as well. It can remove not only stains but also the plaque and debris that get deposited on the surface. These are the major cause of halitosis or bad breath along with tooth decay.

Thus, it can also be surmised that baking soda can be used to fight the unpleasant odor of the oral cavity along with shining your teeth. It is a very good oral hygiene maintenance agent and can be used for teeth whitening at home.

5. Sip through a straw

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This is more of a preventive measure than a method of teeth whitening. Most of the stains that appear on the teeth over time are due to the frequent intake of beverages and juices. These stains can sometimes become tenaciously attached and be difficult to remove.

One way of avoiding it is by using a straw instead of drinking it directly. This leads to lesser contact with the different surfaces of the teeth, and the staining is also under control. Thus, your teeth retain their natural white color for a longer period.

6. Use neem on teeth

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Using neem to clean teeth is an age-old technique that has been practiced in the Indian culture since time immemorial. Nowadays, the practice is no longer supported as newer and more scientifically proven techniques have come to the forefront. However, despite all the advancements, one cannot discredit the measures that were taken before.

Neem is proven to have potent antimicrobial action and can help in the prevention of decay in the mouth and also stop the existing ones. To top all that, it has the property to whiten and clean teeth. That is mainly through the scraping action of the bark that removes stains and makes your pearls look whiter.

Use these techniques mentioned above to maintain and get back your shining white teeth. This will increase your confidence, and you can smile brightly.


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