Quick And Easy Vastu Tips For Bedroom That You Can Follow!

Important Vastu Tips For Bedroom

For an ideal bedroom, Vastu is an essential factor to be followed in your home. Vastu helps in many ways like it cuts down on losses and worries, aids in peaceful sleep, gives you energizing mornings, and much more. That’s why one should design their bedroom carefully and should incorporate with these quick and easy Vastu tips.

Below are the Vastu Tips For Bedroom:

easy vastu tips for bedroom
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The major Vastu tip before knowing others is that bedroom must be in the South direction.

  • The door of the bedroom should open at least 90 degrees to allow all the positive energy flow in.
  • The person sleeping in the master bedroom should keep his/her head pointing towards the south.
  • Never keep the mirror in front of your bed. It affects the person’s mental health and lets his stress grow.
  • The bed in your bedroom should not be in alignment with sharp corners. This creates stress.
  • The best place for keeping wardrobes and shelves is in the South-west corner of the master bedroom.
  • There is a strict NO for keeping plants and aquariums in the bedroom.
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  • Never keep clutter under your bed. Remove the clutter as this would hinder your future progress and wouldn’t give you a sound sleep.
  • Avoid using dark or too bright colors in the bedroom. The ideal colors are shades of blue, green and off-white.
  • The feeling of peace should take over your mind as soon as you enter the room. You can put a beautiful painting or an inspiring quote. So that’s when one comes into the room, he/she opens with a smile and positive energy.
  • Television and laptops should be avoided in the bedroom.
  • Study table in the bedroom should be placed in the East, North or North-east.
  • Idols of God should be best left for Puja Room as if one sleeps with his/her legs pointed towards God, it would be disrespectful.
  • Avoid master bedroom or any sleeping zone in the center of the home.
  • For children’s bedroom, the ideal location should be East or West side.

Don’t delay in adopting these Vastu tips.

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