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Avid reader. Inverterate Desi. Liberal thinker. Love capturing people's emotions on camera. Indulge in baking occasionally. Ever-ready with my traveling bag.
  • Bird Poop:The Quirky way of Minting Money

    In a world where people are scrambling to make money by hook or by crook, a country that came up with a genius plan to do this years ago was Peru. A tiny western country in South America, Peru began filling its coffers by selling Guano. Guano is the poop (read: excreta) from seabirds, bats, and seals. An excellent source…

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  • Facts

    Unraveling the Beauty of Sikhism

    A big book sitting under a large dome-like structure is seen immediately as one enters the room. A troupe of singers humming melodious tunes is seated close to the book. Visitors bow down before the book as they enter and take their place on the carpeted floor. A volunteer is seen offering something out of a large vessel to every…

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  • Factskallu Doms

    Death and Story of the Kallu Doms

    A person attains Moksha/Mukti post-death and attains ultimate liberation, is a concept of Hinduism that equates death to attainment of freedom from the tangled web of life. In India, a community whose livelihood depends on this Hindu belief is the Dom community. The daily occupation of the Doms or Kallu Doms, as they are often called, includes cremating the dead.…

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  • Fashion

    The Color of the Day is Black

    Are you someone whose wardrobe is bursting with the enchanting black fabric? Have your friends stopped getting your clothes from the color spectrum? Are you one of those people whose number one shopping rule is “If it’s not black, put it back”? Welcome aboard. Via Source: Complex Here are some of the personality traits that explain the inclination towards BLACK:…

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  • What Makes Blue Pigment Unique In The Natural World?

    Nature entails species that have a wide spectrum of colors, ranging from the olive-colored Ridley turtles, to pink flamingos, to the red-billed firefinch. But what about the color blue? Well, blue is an extreme rarity when it comes to the animal kingdom. Although we may find blue butterflies and blue whales, they are actually not blue. These species merely seem…

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