• Health and Wellnessbullet journalling

    Bullet Journaling- a Zen Hobby that Brings Out your Creative Side

    With the new year just upon us, a lot of people have made resolutions to become better people. Maybe you want to be more organized, healthier, or even more punctual. All of these new tasks may seem daunting, but there is a solution that brings them all together in a nice little package- the bullet journal. What is a Bullet…

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  • Foodjapanese candies

    6 Tempting Japanese Candies that you Must try

    There is one kind of food that is loved by all people- sweets. No one can resist these delicious treats that bring so much joy. There are so many different and unique kinds of sweets- chocolates, candies, toffees, and a lot more. Many countries from around the world have their own delicacies; however, when it comes to sweets, Japan is…

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  • Lifestyleroom decor

    6 Room Decor Hacks to Spruce up your Room

    Do you ever feel like your room is a little too dull and boring? Have you ever wanted your guests to marvel at how pretty your house is? Sometimes, it feels unnecessary to put a lot of effort into decorating your home. You may be worried that the result might be too flashy or not suit your tastes. Maybe you’re…

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  • Fashionfashionista guide

    4 Easy Ways to Becoming a Fashionista

    The lights, the runways, the models- this is the image that we all have in our heads when we think of fashion. We like big brand names that make us look fabulous with fancy clothes and accessories. But what if you need a cheaper option for day-to-day outfits? You can’t wear stunning gowns and elegant suits everywhere you go. Here…

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  • Factsrube goldberg machines

    The Fascinating Engineering of Rube Goldberg Machines

    Many simple machines can make complicated tasks easy. Science and technology have come a long way so that we can perform hard and tedious tasks just at the push of a button. But Rube Goldberg machines are different- they are designed to achieve an easy task in an indirect and overly complicated manner. These machines usually consist of basic, unrelated…

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