The Golden Spice : Why Turmeric Is King Of All The Spices ?

On hearing the name of turmeric, we recollect the good old days when our mom and grandmom used to tell us to have ‘haldi ka dudh’ before going to bed. Turmeric which is commonly known as the golden spice of India has a myriad number of uses which are known to every age group as it is the most widely used spice in our day to day life.

This bright yellow spice is found in every household owing to its benefits. Let us find out as to why it is considered as an ‘All-Rounder’ and ‘King Of Spices.’

#1 Used as a Medicine- It Has Great Healing Powers

Since the ancient Vedic age, turmeric has been used to heal the wounds. It has been used to treat liver and stomach ailments. It reduces indigestion, fever, cough, external ulcers, diarrhea, urinary disorders and many other diseases.

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#2 Used in Culinary

It is one of the key ingredients in many Asian dishes. It is used as an integral component to impart a vibrant, yellow color and earthy aroma to the plate. Mostly used in powdered form, it is used in pickles, sweet dishes, curries which gives a golden color to the dish. It is used in canned beverages, baking products, dairy products, ice creams, yogurt, yellow cakes, juice, biscuits, popcorn, cereals, sauces, gelatin, etc. Cooks just can’t do without this powder.

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#3 Used for Ceremonial Purposes

Turmeric plays a vital role in Hindu Religion. In India, it is considered very auspicious. It is used for Haldi ceremony in pre-wedding rituals and during pooja ceremonies as well. It holds significance:

  • Purification
  • To ward off evils
  • As a symbol of blessing
  • For beauty and glow
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#4 Used For Coloring

The robes of the Hindu monks were traditionally colored with a yellow dye made of turmeric. Because of its yellow-orange coloring, turmeric was associated with the Sun. Even till date, people use it as a dye.

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#5 Used for Detoxification

Turmeric improves liver function and helps in ensuring that toxins are removed efficiently. Its paste works as an antiseptic that prevents acne and pimple. Applying its paste on skin gives it an ethereal glow and shine.

So the next time you go to Tamil Nadu, do visit the city of Erode which is known as the ‘Turmeric City’ for being the largest turmeric producer in the world!

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