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    Tomato Ketchup: The Red Elixir of SAUCY DRAMA

      Standing in the queue of a regular fast food joint, I see every single person trying to sabotage that one bottle of red goodness a.k.a tomato ketchup. This makes me wonder on the lines, that we basically know nothing of its origin and history. That day, I decided to divulge into the history of tomatoes and it turned out…

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  • Facts

    8 Strange Food Facts You Never Want To Know About

    And, life comes with surprises now and then (so does your food)!Below are some strange and weird food facts to leave you spellbound. 8 Strange Food Facts You Never Want To Know About 1. The Ketchup Via- Google Earlier ketchup was not made of tomatoes; but walnuts, mushrooms, shallots, anchovies, mango, apple or even bananas. Nor it was used as…

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  • Historyhistory of ketchup

    Interesting Journey Of Ketchup: From Medicine To Table Condiment

    Know about the culinary journey of ketchup- from medicine to table condiment When you hear the word ketchup, a rich red puree of tomatoes pops into your mind. Tomatoes equal to ketchup. Although, a few decades ago ketchup didn’t quite resemble the current version of the condiment. Via – Let us know some History of Ketchup Many of us…

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  • FactsSauce Refuses To Leave The Bottle

    Here is Why The Sauce Refuses To Leave The Bottle

    Tomato sauce is one of those ‘luxuries’ that everyone loves adding to their favorite food. Be it Maggi or chow or fried rice or any fried food, tomato sauce is like a compulsory side dish! But do you feel irritated when the sauce refuses to come out of the bottle? Do you hate it when you have to keep jerking…

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