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10 Popular Myths About Exercise

What is your take on gym and exercise? How often do you take part in this physical activity? What is your personal experience about achieving gym goals? Are you a lenient or a hardcore gym freak?

Exercise is a bodily movement that is performed to achieve a fitness body goal. A workout is a package of exercises that are targeted toward the entire bodily movement for fitness purposes. A gym workout is a strategically planned routine of exercises that is performed using gym equipment for specific intentions related to the body structures.

Physical activity is performed to achieve two major lifestyle goals health and fitness. Participating in gym exercises doesn’t necessarily mean losing or gaining weight, though it is a majorly popular belief. But it is often practiced to maintain a healthy lifestyle because of the long-term benefits that it offers.

Some of the gym workout categories based on their characteristics are as follows:

  1. Cardio
  2. Powerlifting
  3. Bodyweight
  4. Cross fit
  5. Muscle group

There are several mythical notions about the gym and exercising that is popular with the masses and have a widespread along with the social network. It is noticed that different fitness professionals often have different fitness approaches which are the means of giving rise to these misconceptions. Some of them are as given below.

10 Popular Myths About Exercise

1. Weight training is directly related to developing bulky muscles

Fact: It is true to an extent that weight training is related to building muscles but to develop a hardcore muscle figure it requires a lot of weight training, exercising, and excess

Calorie intake. It is a long strenuous activity.

2. Morning is the best time to perform exercises

Fact: It is given that morning is the best time to energize your metabolism and perform exercises to boost its process throughout the body into gaining or losing muscle. Studies show that exercising before the early hours of the evening has similar impacts as the morning ritual. However, it depends on the body if it is comfortable with your morning schedule.

3. The amount of sweat burned is proportional to the fat burned

Fact: This is a common myth about fat loss which has no real grounds. Sweat is the body’s message to us about the need for rehydration. Sweat during a workout is the water from the body that needs to be restored for further functioning.

4. Pain is the sign of you taking a step towards your goal

Fact: Pain at the back of your mind that makes you feel a little discomfort is acceptable and expected when training but it shall be addressed instantly if it is serious enough to make you wince at every body movement that you make.

5. A workout routine should pass 60 minutes mark

Fact: it is shown in a study that a group that performs the exercise for 30 minutes shows similar results to the group that performs 60 minutes of a routine.  The important factor in achieving notable results is to keep track of what exercises to perform and how to perform. Then, mulling over the time duration of the workout session.

6. A woman will develop bulky muscles if she lifts heavier weights

Fact: This myth is a contradiction to the study that has shown that women who use heavy weights lose more calories than women who perform more reps with lighter weights. Muscle building requires paying more attention and strategizing the whole process.

7. Persistent shows is your key to weight loss

Fact: It is true to say that cardio is an aspect that has an immensely important role in the weight loss process as it involves exercises targeting the entire body structure. However, it would be impractical to state that persistent cardio would lead to weight loss, no, it would make the body used to the pattern of the cardio and make the body adapt to the routine which would eventually stop any possibility of growth if there are no variations in the workout.

8. An everyday workout routine is essential to achieve your goals.

Fact: The basic idea of exercising is to know and understand the need and importance of taking rest while working out. Putting your body under the ritual of exercising every day would drain out your body and constraint from any other high-performance activity.

9. A hardcore gym individual has to adhere to protein supplements

Fact: it is often witnessed that the bulky gym individuals are gulping down protein supplements right after an intense workout session. However a study has shown that the anabolic window (protein synthesis or muscle-building time frame) is not restricted to the first 30 minutes but is assumed to have been active for the next 24 hours Hence, the individual has time enough time to finalize their source of protein intake.

10. Fat loss can be targeted and achieved accordingly

Fact: This is a misconception that is promoted by several people to influence them into reducing weight from certain parts of the body which is not possible as weight loss is a process that involves functioning if the entire body. Therefore, it cannot be specifically targeted at a certain area to lose fat as it is the body’s ability to perform the activity of weight loss which could be of any area of the body. These are some examples of the gym and exercise misconceptions, though there are certainly more of them which again vary from instructor to instructor and their field of expertise. Therefore, it becomes our responsibility to rationalize these misconceptions with factual information and their relevance. Be assertive and practical when targeting a fitness goal to achieve without falling into the mythical trap of false popular notions.

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