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  • Factsgaldrabok

    Galdrabók: The Legendary Book Of Black Magic

    You must have once wished to perform a magic spell when you were a kid. All those magical movies like Harry Potter, Witches, and Hocus Pocus make us want to skip reality and be in this adventurous and magical world of spells. Many of you also wish to have a magic grimoire like those shown in movies to perform magic…

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  • FactsThe Aghoris: The Darker Shade Of Indian Society

    The Aghoris: The Darker Shade Of Indian Society

    They live on Hindu cremation grounds, eat the left-out flesh of the human dead body, wear ash, and drink in a bowl made up of human skull. Yes, we are talking about the most revered and dreadful cult of Indian society; the followers of Lord Shiva – The Aghoris. The Aghoris And Their Origin Source: Daily Mail Once you go…

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  • Factsmayong

    Mayong: The Black Magic Capital of India

    Assam happens to be one of the most beautiful states of North East India. The lush green forests, beautiful tea gardens and the mighty river Brahmaputra– it feels like heaven here in the midst of nature. There are numerous places which you can visit in Assam including the famous Kaziranga National Park, Manas National Park, Jatinga and many others. However,…

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  • Facts3 AM Devil Hour

    What Is So Spooky About The 3 AM Devil Hour? The Answer Lies Here!

    Ever wondered why you wake up with jitters in the middle of the night? Felt as if you were being looked upon by someone as you slept? Also, while undergoing such horrifying and spooky experiences you might have checked the time, wasn’t it the common time slot? Indeed, it was! Yes, 3 Am is the hour when you wake up,…

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  • Who Resides Within The Walls Of The Most Haunted Bhangarh Fort?

    You’re walking through the ruins of an ancient fort. You gently run your fingers on the vulnerable walls wondering what it would be like to live here. The royalty, the respect, the VIP treatment everywhere you go. But suddenly, as you’re lost in your wonderland, you hear a shrill cry. You look towards the source of the voice but don’t…

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