• FactsJourney To The Ghost World: 8 Haunted Places In India

    Journey To The Ghost World: 8 Haunted Places In India

    Are you someone who happens to be attracted to the supernatural? Most of the people avoid an encounter with paranormal activities; many people explore the adrenaline rush of being surrounded by strange unknown. If you believe that ghosts exist, you are not alone. Ghost hunting became widespread around the world recently. ‘Ghost Hunters’ a television series which got famous: assertion…

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  • Who Resides Within The Walls Of The Most Haunted Bhangarh Fort?

    You’re walking through the ruins of an ancient fort. You gently run your fingers on the vulnerable walls wondering what it would be like to live here. The royalty, the respect, the VIP treatment everywhere you go. But suddenly, as you’re lost in your wonderland, you hear a shrill cry. You look towards the source of the voice but don’t…

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