7 Simple Steps To Plan The Perfect College Fest

College fest is the peak point of your college life. If the spotlight is on you to make all the arrangements and be the event manager for it, that could be a lot of responsibility to make or break your name.

But don’t worry if you follow these 7 simple steps you will end up organizing one of the most amazing events and your college fest.

7 Simple Steps To Plan The Perfect College Fest

1. Develop An Event Concept

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Before getting yourself into preparations for the fest you first need to have this blueprint in your hand. This means getting the answers to the questions given below.

  • Why are we organizing this fest?
  • What is the objective of the event?
  • When should it take place?
  • Where should it take place?

After you are clear about these points you can call your team members for a meeting. In this meeting, you need to make them understand the objectives of the event. Further, you can brainstorm about the theme and course of the college fest.

2. Determine The Feasibility Of The Event

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After the entire planning is done it’s time for you to check its feasibility and on-ground execution. Start with checking requirements and the availability of physical resources like setting the stage, podium, sitting arrangements, etc. Human resources including hospitality and technical teams. Find out the exact time and money involved in the successful execution of the fest. Cross-check to find out that you don’t exceed these limits.

3. Set Objectives 

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There are two kinds of objectives that need to be made clear while planning any event :

1. Short-term Objectives:

Eg: Providing college students a platform to showcase their talents.

2. Long-term Objectives

The long-term objective would be bringing about a change in their personalities thereby enhancing the name of the institute. The setting of objectives is of utmost importance to make the college fest purposeful.

4. Planning And Preparation

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You can’t do everything single-handedly. So bring on your best warriors and get ready to fight. Make different committees for varied tasks such as decoration, marketing, promotion, technology, and recreational committees. Once the groups are made allot them specific roles and tasks to perform and a deadline to get things done. Keep an in charge of each committee and contact that person for regular follow-ups regarding the progress of the team.

5. Work in a team

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Once the teams are made and the heads are appointed it’s time for them to discuss in detail all the things that are to be done by the committee. After making the plan of action it should be distributed among all the committee members. The head should consider the interests and the abilities of the individuals while allocating the work. Queries, doubts, and confusions about anything should be cleared and at this stage of the planning.

6. Event Marketing Plan

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Showcasing your event to the right kind of market requires a lot of skill. You need to associate yourself with brands and names that would sponsor your event. Pitch them about your fest and the perks they will be receiving by investing in it. Proper promotion and advertisement of the fest also play a key role to grab as much attention of the crowd as possible. For this, you need to get the convincing students on board that would help you get through all this smoothly.

7. Post Event Analysis

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When the curtains drop down and the show has successfully come to an end you should get back to work and evaluate the entire process. Take feedback from everyone who attended the event. Try to figure out the rags in your work and how you could amend them next time. Evaluate every step to find out which part requires more attention and energy. Lastly, thank your entire team for their contribution and dedication to the fest.


Moving a huge rock all by yourself is pretty tough. But having supportive hands to do so would make it really easy. In the same way, if you create a perfect team and work together organizing an event would be an effortless task for you. Keep these simple steps in mind and you will end up with a pile of appreciation and ample recognition.

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