The Challenges of Military Families

Having a family member in the military means that the whole family is in the military. With this responsibility come many challenges. While some families can handle these challenges, others may find themselves overwhelmed. Having a family member in the military isn’t any walk in the park, but it’s not all bad, either. In this article, you can read about some of the most common problems faced by military families and how you can tackle them head-on.

Difficulties Military Families Face

Families face all kinds of issues when they are involved in the military. Some of these issues may include:

  • Each military branch has its rules and regulations, which can be confusing. 
  • Mission assignments can change at a moment’s notice, which means moving often. 
  • Dealing with being deployed to foreign countries and fighting on foreign soil. 
  • Being separated from family through deployment or training is one of the biggest challenges of having a family member in the military. 
  • Housing location may also be an issue that military families encounter. 

Serving While Parenting: Managing Time and Stress

The military and the family are so closely intertwined that it is not uncommon for a family member to have multiple responsibilities. This means that the member of the family in the military may serve as: 

  • An active duty soldier. 
  • A family parent. 
  • A spouse or significant other. 
  • A guardian or caretaker for aging parents. 

The civilian spouse or significant other may also have to work a full-time job or a part-time job and do housework, as well as deal with any kids they have at home while trying to keep up with everything else they have going on in their life. It can become very taxing on a person’s mental health if they don’t manage their time well and set goals for themselves.

Helping Military Families

Military families often come with a slew of expectations, especially when they are going through deployments or other changes that they may be facing. If you want to show your support to a military family, consider investing time to help out with:

  • Child or elder care. 
  • Household chores. 
  • General handyman duties. 
  • Provide transportation to run errands or go to appointments. 

Don’t forget that you can also help out by donating money to charities like

Giving money to charities will allow experts who work for the charity to give assistance when it is needed to military families across the country.

Resilience and Support

If a military family is in the process of being deployed, your support can be helpful. Be supportive by sending cards and letters to show your support. Help out by helping them move, as well as do household chores that they need help with. Be understanding that they may not be able to put in much effort during their deployment. In many cases, their job will usually entail sitting in an office or staying home from their jobs for long periods. This can lead to too much time spent away from family and not enough time with them.

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