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    All The Magic Lies In The Nose

    Afraid of death? our nose has the ability to smell death God has given a unique capacity of smell to dogs which can help crack various mysteries. But humans are the immediate competitors to dogs in the matter of sensory power of ”smell”. According to a recent survey, it is proven that the nose is the first part of human…

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    Do You Know About The Man From The Parallel Universe?

    Aliens are the most unusual and creepy creatures that hold the biggest mystery for science. But have you ever thought how it would be like if we come across a creature from a parallel universe? Well, we may see such theory in movies or fictional books. However, some individual records carry truth about it. Now let was that unusual man…

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  • Mantokuji Temple For Unhappy Married Women

    Unhappy bonds are the most suffocating place to be. Nowadays, it is easy to cut down such relationship with a breakup or merely divorce. But, have you ever thought how women could have escaped such relationships in history? Well, here is a place which can make your wish fordivorce come true. Let us now know what Mantokuji Temple is all…

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  • 16 Interesting Facts About Japan

    Japan is one of the most famous countries in the world. It is known for its magnificent nature and idiosyncratic culture. However, what most people believe is that the country has that makes it a perfect place to travel. But did you know there are many intriguing facts about the land of the rising sun? 16 Interesting Facts About Japan…

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  • FactsPoop Sender

    Would You Like To Gift Someone Real Shit? Use Poop Sender.

    You may have come across a variety of magnificent gifts in a shop or online website. But how would it be like to gift someone really awkward and annoying thing? Well, now you can actually deliver someone nasty and stinkiest item to a friend as a comical gesture or merely to irritate an enemy. Moreover, along with many weird things…

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