15 Delicious BBQ styles around the world

Barbecue” in Spanish, native Arawak barbacoa, means a wooden frame on posts.

This is about the drying and cooking of meats on a raised bed over hot charcoal. This cooking style has two techniques of preparation: smoking and grilling. 

Smoking is nothing but flavoring, cooking, and preserving food by exposing it to smoke by burning wood. 

Similarly, grilling is another way of cooking that involves dry heat application to food. It is an effective method of cooking meat or vegetables quickly as it provides direct heat. Grilling is of two types: braising and roasting.

15 Delicious BBQ styles around the world


The meat is stretched out in whole pieces. It is smoked on an open fire. Therefore, it is called the Asado style of cooking.


This is a basic grilling style. Hence it tends to involve skewering meat. It is then laid across a grill or flame. For shaving the meat, you can use skewers. All you have to do is lift the meat and cut it into pieces. However, it is different from kebabs.


China’s broadest BBQ is largely devoted to street food. It is prepared with a wide range of sauces. Likewise, teriyaki, sweet and sour is the real deal that accompanies Chinese barbecue. 


It is a buried clay oven. This is how Indians do their barbecues. As the bbq dishes are spicy, they come with a side serving of naan, rice, and raita which is similar to creamy Salsa.


This style uses white-hot Sambal sauce which is poured over the meat before grilling. Not only does it help in increasing and enhancing the taste but it is also eye-watering due to the heat. Not to mention, all this grilling is done on banana leaves which gives it a tropical flavor.


Chicken to beef sausages to ribs, you can grill them all. Al Ha’esh cuisine means on the Fire. Therefore, it is not highlighted much with sauces or as the Hebrew method of meat preparation goes. However, it offers a wide range of barbecue dips and quartered pita bread.


It is the Korean way of barbecuing meat. Greasy, thinly sliced meat cuts are cooked on a small grill that is placed atop a table and served with all types of side dishes such as Samgyeopsal and Kimchi jjigae


They have a handful of grilling styles such as the popular Yakitori, Hibachi, and Irori. In addition to the above three, there are also Robotayaki, Sumibiyaki, Yakiniku, and Teppanyakibinchotan. These styles are made typically over a binchotan (oak charcoal) which uses infrared to cook the meat inside out. This meat is quite a charred delight. 


It is the kebab-style cooking of meat. You can find many varieties of this BBQ in Turkey Russia, Mongolia,  Romania, Syria, and Eastern Europe to Asia. All the meat and ingredients are kebab and grill atop the mangal. Russian shashliks are the most notable and they are coated with a heavy acidic marinade.


This style is associated with Hawaii and is a broad cooking method throughout the Pacific Islands, so far as extending deep into the Kiwi territory. This cooking method is carried out by placing the meats, vegetables, and sauces under heated volcanic stones and cooked through pressure which gives every bite of this dish a distinct taste.


It is made of chopped meat, sandwiches with other pork, or chicken. It is then served with a white barbecue sauce called mayonnaise. This sauce is a combination of vinegar, lemon juice, black pepper, and sometimes horseradish.


In some parts of North Carolina, you will find the whole Hog on the smoker. Similarly in the Northwest, you can enjoy the delicious Lexington-style barbecue. The difference between the BBQ here is one serves the dish with a vinegar-based sauce and the other with a tomato-based sauce. Likewise, South Carolina is known mustard belt, thanks to the affinity for mustard sauce.


Western Kentucky is all about mutton smoked with hickory and served with black Worcestershire sauce. In other parts, you can enjoy pulled pork and thinly sliced pork shoulders.


They offer a variety of bbq from beef brisket to pork ribs to chicken to sausages. You name it, they have it. This city’s famous barbecue spots are known for their charred ends. They smoke the meat with hickory wood and serve everything with thick sweet sauce. 


This place is famous for its brisket smoked over oak and served without sauce barbecue. You can enjoy it or as a sandwich. In South Texas, you will relish mesquite-smoked bbq. Similarly, East Texas serves chopped pork and beef sandwiches.

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