This Country Has The World’s Largest Family

“Family is like music, some high notes some low notes but always a beautiful song.”

Family plays a vital role in everyone’s life. Maintaining a cordial relationship with everyone in the family is getting tough nowadays. But can you believe that a family with 100+ people are living happily? It’s true, scroll down, and you will know which family it is.

Imagine a family in which a man has 39 wives and 94 children. Sounds strange right? Ziona Chana, a resident of Mizoram, has the “Worlds largest existing family”.

ziona chana mizoram
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Ziona belongs to the chana pawl which is one of the Christian community. This section practices polygamy. He lives at baktowng which is 1000 km away from Aizawl, the capital of the state Mizoram. He has 14 daughter-in-laws and 33 grandchildren who all live together in a four storied building.

Ziona feels great for having such a family and is proud to be the head of the world’s largest family. Ziona at 17, married his first wife named Zathiangi, who is older to him by three years. In the same year, he married ten more women. Zathiangi controls all the household chores and maintains everyone with strict discipline.

world's largest family existing
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His four storied building named as the “Chhuan that run“. There are almost 100 bedrooms, and Ziona has a double bedroom on the ground floor. All the wives get chances to spend time with him. The younger wives stay closer to him and live on the same floor while the older ones live on the upper floor in their dormitories. All the wives claim that there are no rivalries between them and they all live happily. All the wives together prepare the meal for all the members of the family.

The family is self-reliant and has various sources of income like growing crops, agriculture, small cottage industries of carpentry, aluminum utensils and so forth.

The big family picture of Ziona Chana

family picture of world's largest family
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