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    Top 10 Favorite Cartoon Characters Original Names

    Via Source: Know Your Meme As a 90’s kids, you probably grew up watching Mickey, Tweety and, Tom and Jerry. But had other decisions been made, your childhood memories would have been filled with Mortimer, Orson and, Jasper and Jinx.  Top 10 Favorite Cartoon Characters Original Names 1. Tweety Bird was Olsen via In 1942, Tweety Bird was a…

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  • FactsNiue Currency

    Niue Currency Unbelievable Pokémon Money Currency Is A Reality Here

    Niue, a captivating islet nation and a tiny empyrean utopia, surviving in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, is about 2400 km from the shores of New Zealand, east of Tonga, south of Samoa, and west of the Cook Islands. Its land area is about 261 square kilometers. Niue Currency is the most famous thing of this isle. Moreover, It…

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  • Factswhy cartoon characters wear gloves

    Get to Know the Reason Why Cartoon Characters Wear Gloves

    Ever wondered why all the classic cartoon characters, from Mickey Mouse to Woody Woodpecker, wear gloves? Well, here’s your answer! Why Cartoon Characters Wear Gloves? image source The truth is, that in the early days of animation and black and white cartoons, the focus was on the fact that everything should be easier to make. This is because earlier, the…

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    These Cartoon Characters With Psychological Disorders Will Shock You!

    We all grew up watching our favorite cartoons on TV! I still remember the cartoon shows which used to air during vacations! Oswald, Pingu, Noddy, and Bob the Builder! I still love to watch them today (of course, the same recorded shows in this technology driven world!) But, apart from being some of the most entertaining characters in your childhood,…

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