7 Benefits of keeping your hobby alive

Do you remember how happiness came instantly whenever you painted or played your favourite sport in your childhood? Your mood would instantly light up. I am sure whenever you remember those times, you feel overwhelmed.

Don’t you miss that sometimes?
Well, I am sure we all do from the bottom of our hearts.

In today’s times, we all are rushing for one thing or another. The human race is too busy adapting to the changes in their lives personally as well as professionally. There is a rush everywhere and in everything. Taking out time for one’s own self seems a struggle looking at the present scenario.

“Humans these days are too busy searching for greatness that they have lost themselves.”

In this whole process to achieve great milestones, we have killed the little things that once made us happy. The importance of these little things lacks in most of us as we often underestimate their influence.

One such thing is the importance of Hobbies.

What is a hobby?

It is a term that we all are well aware of. Since childhood, we have been asked this one question “What is your hobby?” and our answer was quick to back then. But if the same question is asked now, we might think for a minute or two before answering.
“Hobby any activity that makes you happy.”

7 Benefits of keeping your hobby alive


Doing what you feel like gives you instant happiness. Pursuing your hobby will probably make your boots lighter. If you give time for yourself, you’ll feel contented at the end of the day. When we all are running in times like these, we struggle to find happiness but doing what you feel like makes you happy.


Several studies show that doing what you love for about 10 to 15 minutes a day boosts your hormonal level producing happy hormones. It acts as a medium to relieve stress. Several neuroscientists have often discussed how a hobby is an important stress buster.


Painting your favorite picture, dancing to some song, or finishing a write-up gives the mind and the body relaxation. It helps to relax the nerve cells of the brain. If you’re in a mood to relax, the best thing that can give you immense relief is just doing what you love.


To feel good or get relaxed, we prefer to waste time by just doing nothing or simply sitting idly and then regret the time that we actually wasted. Following your hobbies keeps you busy replacing the time wasted by doing something productive that will not make you regret it later on.


Undoubtedly, hobbies enhance creative skills. Whether it is painting, playing a sport, singing, reading, or writing if you go on practicing it daily and give some time to your hobbies, you’ll see your creative sphere widening.

“It’s your hobby that makes you different from the rest.”


Confidence helps in shaping one’s life. If a person is good at something, he becomes confident over time. Following your hobby surely helps in giving a great boost to your confidence. You feel pleasant whenever you do what you love and subsequently gain the desired confidence.


Most of us drop back our hobbies thinking they won’t be fruitful to us later in life specifically as professionals, but there are examples of many successful actors, singers, painters, writers, and players who have transformed their hobbies into great careers. If you are connected to your hobbies and sure about following them, then your hobby can be your career. Not everyone gets this lucky.

“What’s better than doing what you love and getting paid for it?”


In times like these, we are all rushing to be something or the other, forgetting the real us and leaving behind what our heart desires. If you follow your heart doing what it loves, you’ll be happy and satisfied at the end of the day. They make you a different person and allow you to grow by doing everything you love. So let go of the contemplations because your hobbies are calling you!

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Darsh is a blogger and previous owner of this website.

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