Nikita Kamath

I'm a Bombay girl who loves her Vada pav, currently studying in Bangalore. I'm always up for Good food and a good tennis match. I'm a "glass half full" kind of person who strongly believes that more than hard work paying off, it's smart work that pays off.
  • Factsloch ness

    Is The Loch Ness Monster Real?

    In the dark waters of Scotland’s Loch Ness, the land where the national animal is a Unicorn (Yes A Unicorn!), a mysterious serpent-like monster has been repeatedly spotted, photographed, and filmed. Still, the question persists. Is the Loch Ness Monster of the dinosaur age or a series of elaborate hoaxes? Though usually referred to as ‘Nessie’, the monster has a…

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  • Factszodiac killer

    Do You Know About Zodiac Killer, Who Committed 2,500 Murders

    On December 20th, 1964 in Vallejo, California, David Arthur Faraday and Betty Lou Jensen had their first date and their last. They parked their station wagon at lover’s lane, and a man with a pistol approached them. He shot David in the head and Betty Lou 5 times in the back as she ran away. These murders were the start…

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  • Education

    10 Awesome Words With No Direct English Translation

    There are roughly 6500 different languages in the world, out of which English is said to be the universal language. However, there are so many amazing foreign language words that cannot be translated into English. Here are a few words with no direct English translation. 10 Awesome Words With No Direct English Translation 1. Saudades Via – SixthSenseStyling Saudades is…

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  • History

    Badass Prostitute Who Became One Of The Most Fearsome Pirates

    Chinese Female Pirate Pirates are cool, it’s just a fact of life, they even made the super successful Pirates of The Caribbean trilogy. Popular ones like Black Beard, Black Bart, and William the Kid come from the 1600’s European Pirating era. But today, we are talking about Ching Shih- one of the most fearsome pirates the world has ever seen.…

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  • Historylast meals of death row inmates

    Crazy Last Meals Of Death Row Inmates

    Ever wondered what a hardened criminal would want to eat for his last meal? Criminals are just like us. Even though they have committed the most heinous of crimes, as per law, they get to choose their last meal. From mud to an extravagant plate of lobsters, here are a few interesting and controversial last meals of death row inmates,…

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