The Hanging Pillar – Miracle Or Architectural Marvel?

We come across many phenomena and absurdities around us. While some of these have been given scientific proofs, others are just quoted to be miracles or said to be spelled by some supernatural divine powers.

One such great mystery or say architectural intellect which continues to hover over the minds of scientists and architects is one of the hanging pillars of Lepakshi Temple. The hanging pillar, of course, is one such attraction of that place that anyone who visits it for the first time remains awestruck for a while.

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About the temple

The Lepakshi Temple or Veerabhadra Temple is located in the state of Andhra Pradesh in Anantapur district. The two brothers, Virupanna Nayaka and Viranna built it in the 16th century. It depicts Vijayanagara style in its carvings and designs. The whole temple details the scenes of Ramayana and Mahabharata through paintings. No wonder, the temple is calm and clean.

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The temple is also famous for the sculpture of a large Nandi (bull) in its front. This is one of the largest monolithic pieces of its type in the world.

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The mystery behind The Hanging Pillar

The hanging pillar is a perfect example of defying the omnipresent gravity of the earth. Surprisingly, one can easily pass a couple of sheets or a cloth from beneath it.

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Call it a masterpiece of architecture or a miracle; it has always gained traction of several curious engineers to unearth the secret of its hanging in the air without any support.

Once a British engineer tried to displace the pillar from its original position but it was all in vain. As the whole temple and its upper part started vibrating. Relocating the pillar was the only choice.

It is truly the art of Engineers; otherwise, no such pillar would have been constructed without any structural significance. Archaeological Survey of India has also proven that this pillar is not the outcome of a mistake. According to some Engineers, one probable reason for this could be to save the temple from collapsing during earthquakes generating seismic waves.

Not one but many such architectural designs in the world are striking the minds of present-day scientists who are trying to solve some of these mysteries.

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