• FactsThe Heart Of The Ocean

    The Truth Of ‘The Heart Of The Ocean’s from the movie Titanic

    The oscar winning movie Titanic displayed a profound and passionate love story that is fiery yet innocent, simple yet complex, fantasy yet emotional. Pretty sure! no one could forget the sketching scene from the movie Titanic. As Jack sketched Rose, she laid there on the couch, spell bound in his eyes and only wearing a necklace of blue diamond on…

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  • Factscondom flavors

    Condom Flavors That Are Too Weird To Think About

    Condoms have been playing a great role in running a safe and protected relationship. At first, it was just a piece of rubber. And now gradually it started coming with a variety of flavors as the condom companies started developing. With major transformation in the art of lovemaking, condom flavors were introduced to change a few aspects of sex from…

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