Ala-Carte Of The Vibrant Tropical Fruits Found Globally

so there are still many unknown tropical fruits around the world we had never thought would exist.

Walking in a supermarket one would feel that they have got a wide variety of fruit choices but in reality, it’s a small sampling of mother’s natural bounty. So here are cascades of tropical fruits from around the world that would make you amaze. From amazing delicious fruits to weird, gritty fruits growing in your backyard the list below covers them all. Bananas and oranges will look ordinary after you look at this delicious vibrancy.



Also known as snake fruit, Salak fruit comes from a species of palm trees in South East Asia. It gets its name from its scaly like appearance and it’s about the size of a fig. the outer shell and seed are inedible but the yellowish flesh is, which has the appearance of a clove of garlic but tastes mostly sweet with a bit of sour and hints of pineapple and banana.



It’s an abnormally shaped fruit that looks like the mixture of a squid and a lemon. It comes from a small tree or bush that originates from China and India and has long been used as an ornamental fruit in ceremonies and gardens. It is often used in Japan as room fragrance or used to perfume personal items like clothing. Buddha’s hand has the fragrance similar to lavender, contains no seeds or juice just an oily pith.



It a tropical fruit which originates in South East Asia, an orange to reddish color fruit on the outside with a blood red inside that resembles bloody organs. Gac fruit is an incredibly rare fruit that is only harvested in December and January and often served in Vietnamese ceremonies and weddings. It has a very mild tropical taste but primarily overwhelms your senses with how creamy it is. Its most commonly mixed with gluten rice to make a bright red rice dish called Xio gac.



Monkey tree is a highly nutritious fruit that comes from the Artocarpus Lacucha tree which is a species of the Moraceae family found in India. The best way to describe is that it is a mixture of sweet, sour, tangy with a citrus overtone. Lakoocha fruit can help treat arthritis swelling, dysentery, clean wounds and prevent hair loss.



It’s a member of the soapberry family as are longan and lychee. It has a very strong taste of cheddar cheese, what else would a rare tropical fruit taste like. The fruit is pear-shaped that turns from green to red to orange. It then splits open to reveal 3 large black seeds. These seeds are wrapped in a yellow spongy flesh which is the only edible part. The seed and the rind are both highly poisonous. If you consume either of those you will get “Jamaican Vomiting Sickness”. Ackee originates in West Africa but was imported to Jamaica. Nowadays is common in the Caribbean.

So here you could only witness a small list of the exotic fruits. But there are many tropical fruits as such which will leave you dumbfounded when you will come to know about them.

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