Meet Louboutina- the Celebrity Dog that Loves to Hug!

Who doesn’t love hugs? Comfy, cozy and exuding warmth- everyone needs one sometimes? Louboutina, the five-year-old golden retriever loves investing her free time giving hugs on the walkways of New York City.

At whatever point Cesar Fernandez-Chavez, her owner, strolls Louboutina in Manhattan, it’s never a regular walk. Immediately after hitting the walkways, Louboutina needs to stop, welcome people and after that hug them, wrapping her forelegs around their knees.

She started off about two years back by sitting up and holding peoples’ hands with both of her paws, and after that crossing one paw over the other. Holding hands rapidly turned into Loubie’s most loved habit, and she did this during her walks in New York City.

A few years after that, Loubie began showing her fondness in a different manner through hugs.

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Loubie has an extraordinary skill for detecting the people who could truly utilize a hug, and the pup isn’t reluctant about offering her warmth. She can usually be found on Fifth Avenue and Fourteenth Street, taking a walk with Cesar.

While Loubie is very liberal with her hugs, she doesn’t simply hug anybody- she just hugs the individuals she makes a connection with, says Cesar.

In huge groups, she goes one by one leaning towards everybody and Cesar calls this process “Louboutina’s rounds”.

He’s had Louboutina since she was a puppy. She was a present from a friend with a liking for Christian Louboutin’s famous red-soled shoes, thus her name, says Fernandez-Chavez. When she was little, he used to hug her like a person. He used to kneel on the floor and hug her while she would put her paws on his shoulders. Possibly that is where she picked up the concept of hugging from.

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A couple of years later, seven days before Valentine’s Day, Louboutina built up another trick. She stopped Cesar and began “shaking” and he let her give him her paw. All of a sudden, she held his hand with a tight grip and sat up in a new way and a few moments after she crossed her paws. At first, Cesar thought it was exceptionally peculiar, but then he thought “wow, at least I have somebody to hold hands with for Valentine’s”. That’s how it all started.

She likes people a lot and appreciates being in big groups, and she additionally adores being shot and is not shy with the camera. There are many photos of her online that Cesar had no clue were being taken, however, when he saw them, she was continually making a pose for the camera.

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Loubie has now been prepared as a therapy dog with the objective of doing charitable activities in healing centers and homes for the senior. Cesar himself works at Mount Sinai Beth Israel hospital in downtown Manhattan in the Program of Languages and Interpreter Services.

She has turned into a superstar in the area in which she resides and her hugs have got her famous on Instagram as well, with about 12,000 followers.

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