How Do Color Preferences Reveal Your Personality?

Almost everyone has a favourite colour. We have preferences while picking out clothes, accessories, footwears, etc. Even if you do not have a favourite one, you might naturally be more drawn to some colour. Well, that’s just how human beings roll.

Let me tell! Your colour preference says a lot about you. The psychology of colour is a study which shows how the colours we prefer to go hand in hand with our personality and behavioural traits. Yes, it’s partially pseudo-science, but also true.


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The blue colour is often associated with serenity, harmony, and peace. If blue is your favourite colour, you get along easily, are reliable, honest, trustworthy, sensitive towards others, and caring. People feel welcome because of your approachable and friendly nature. Moreover, you are not at all impulsive and spontaneous. Rather, you take the motto ‘Think before you speak!’ way too seriously. Also, you are a genuine and sincere person, who takes all responsibilities seriously. With a thirst for knowledge, you try to gain wisdom in whatever way you can. Lastly, you do not like drawing attention.

On the other hand, if you dislike blue, you are looking for excitement in your life and would prefer being a free spirit and free of all responsibilities.


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People with first choice red as their colour are usually extroverts, optimistic, courageous, confident, and bold. Also, they may be sexually charged, wanting to leave a lasting impression on others. Moreover, all reds crave to be the center of attention. Being ambitious, competitive, and practical is in their genes. Lovers of red have a passion for life and are not afraid to explore the world. Additionally, they also have a strong need to know-it-all. However, being short-tempered, impulsive, and impatient is something that comes along.

People who dislike red seek a more happening life. They usually have a low self-confidence and may be overtired or ill. They want more excitement, energy, and passion in life, but there’s something holding them back.

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A person with green as favorite gives a lot of importance to money and security. The color green is strongly related to nature. If you are one of them, you are practical, down to earth, well-mannered, stable, and well balanced in life. Furthermore, you are kind, generous, and compassionate. Providing care and nurture to others is something you’re good at. Also, you love to learn, understand new concepts, and observe things, rather taking action. Greens are generally frank, modest, patient, astute, and too self-effacing. However, you also have a tendency to get jealous and envious.

A person who doesn’t prefer green is usually socially inactive, not a nature lover, and a loner.


If orange is your kind, you are a friendly, good natured, easy going, warm, and optimistic person. You adore center of attention and tend to have a flamboyant nature. Also, you are sociable and charming, a person who tends to show-off. Being an adventurer and risk taker, you are determined and competitive, who always looks for new challenges in life. However, you can sometimes be inconsistent, unpredictable, uncaring, egotistical, and self-centered.

If you dislike orange, you are a person who doesn’t enjoy a huge circle of friends showing off.

This is just a set of colors I’ve described for you. For more, follow the next part of the post.

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