7 Amazing Vastu Tips For Kitchen

The kitchen is the most crucial part of a house. For a prosperous life, a kitchen should always be made as per Vastu. Vastu takes into consideration the place in the home where the kitchen should be, the placement of the refrigerator, the location of the cooking stove and the location of electronic items among others. Below are the Vastu Tips For Kitchen to be kept in mind while one settles their kitchen.

7 Amazing Vastu Tips For Kitchen

1. Area of the Kitchen

The ideal direction for the Kitchen is in the southeast corner of the house. This is because as per Vastu, the element fire governs in this direction.

2. Location of Exhaust Fans and Windows

Windows are a must in the kitchen to let all the cooking gas out from the kitchen. As per Vastu, there should be one or two windows in the kitchen. The location of the windows should be in the east direction. The exhaust fan should be placed in the south direction, and it is a must.

3. Location of Cooking Gas

The direction of cooking gas should be placed in the north-east. This is because it gives peace of mind. Also, women spend most of their time in the kitchen and do not get to exercise in the morning by being engrossed in cooking. Hence, to get morning sunlight, women should face the east while cooking, as per Vastu.

4. Location of Sink

Sinks should be placed in the North-east direction as per Vastu. The element water and fire repel each other so sink and cooking gas should always be away from each other.

5. Location of Heavy Items

Heavy items in the kitchen like refrigerator, oven, Mixer/Grinder should ideally be placed in the south-west direction.

6. Colour of the Kitchen

A kitchen should never have black colour. As per Vastu, one can opt for colours like yellow, orange, green, red, cream and white to name a few.

7. A kitchen should never be next to the bathroom or toilet

This is one of the vital Vastu Tips For the Kitchen. One should follow this guideline.

Hope this article makes your place and settles your kitchen correctly to a healthy and happy life.

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