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    A moving Love story : The moving statue

    Love is like a violin’s bow, which draws one voice out of two separate strings.  As a result, the popular sculpture known as ” Man and Woman” depicts this monumental love. The famous Georgian Artist, Tamara Kvesitadze is the mastermind of this creation. To begin with, the year 2010 saw the creation of the statue. The seaside city of Batumi, Georgia…

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  • Factsfamous monuments

    How Long Did It Take To Build Five Famous Monuments

    1. Leaning Tower Of Pisa, Italy via – lifeand100books via – Wonderopolis Bonanno Pisano is the architect of one of the famous monuments- Leaning Tower of Pisa. Located in Italy, this tower was originally meant to stand straight but it ended up leaning at about 3.99 degrees. The construction work started in the year 1172 and it took whooping 199 years…

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  • Historyfamine

    The Significance Of The Kindred Spirits Sculpture Will Surely Move You To Tears

    The ‘Kindred Spirits’ Monument is located in Bailic Park in Middleton, Ireland. It consists of nine eagle feathers towering twenty feet into the air. The sculpture was made by Irish artist Alex Pentek. It was created at the Sculpture Factory in Cork, Ireland and was later moved to its present location. The feathers are made of stainless steel and are aligned…

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