Everything You Need To Understand About Argyle Diamonds

For around 40 years now, the Argyle precious stone mine situated in Kimberley, Western Australia, has been delivering about 90% of the world’s generally uncommon and pined for pink diamonds. 

The mine, possessed by the Rio Tinto Mining Corporation, also holds a greeting, particularly the yearly Argyle Pink Diamond Tender in which it features its best pink, red, and surprisingly bluestones from the first year.

What Is So Special About Argyle Diamonds?

What Is So Special About Argyle Diamonds?
Source: Australian Mining

When contrasting Argyle pink diamonds with those mined in different areas like Russia, one can rapidly see a shading distinction. Diamonds mined in Western Australia have a particular shading tone with more red, purple, and blue impacts. In contrast, diamonds from different mines typically have to a greater extent a bubble gum color tone. 

Besides how these mind-boggling Argyle diamonds come in such unimaginable shading tones and tones, Rio Tinto has figured out how to turn into the leading name regarding precious pink diamonds. Because of their splendid marking, just as their unbelievable diamonds, they are additionally answerable for making a very much regarded precious stone reviewing arrangement of their own.

How Does Argyle Grade the Shades of Their Diamonds?

How Does Argyle Grade the Shades of Their Diamonds?

While GIA precious stone reports grade tone on a scale from Light – Fancy Dark, Argyle has their interesting shading evaluating framework. Each Argyle precious stone mined accompanies an Argyle jewel authentication, which expresses the Argyle shading reviewing. 

This unique evaluating framework permits Argyle to limit the shading tone and power to a more explicit degree than GIA.

  • Pink Champagne (PC) : PC1, PC2, PC3, PC4
  • Blue Voilet (BL): BL1, BL2, BL3, BL4
  • Red, Purplish Red
  • Purplish Pink (PP): 9PP, 8PP, 7PP, 6PP, 5PP, 4PP, 3PP, 2PP, 1PP
  • Pink (P) : 9P, 8P, 7P, 6P, 5P, 4P, 3P, 2P, 1P
  • Pink Rose (PR): 9PR, 8PR, 7PR, 6PR, 5PR, 4PR, 3PR, 2PR, 1PR

If you are in the market to acquire an argyle diamond ring yourself, you can check out many variants of an argyle diamond ring at Pink Kimberley Australia.

Why Are Argyles So Popular Right Now?

Why Are Argyles So Popular Right Now?
Source: Business News

There has remained a steady drop in the measure of Argyle pink precious diamonds being mined a preposterous decade or thereabouts. The stockpile of these products is gradually getting exhausted. 

And we are seeing more modest merchandise and lower lucidity gradings in the yearly Argyle Tender. 

This reduction in supply matched with the expansion in mindfulness about these exceptional diamonds has made them well known. Today, Argyle Pink diamonds are pursued by numerous privates and authorities the same because of their anticipated speculation esteem.

Why is Now the Opportunity to Buy an Argyle?

Why is Now the Opportunity to Buy an Argyle?
Source: Mining.com

If you are thinking about acquiring an Argyle pink jewel, presently is an opportunity to do so. 

While the average cost per carat is higher than any time in recent memory, with the mine’s approaching conclusion, these costs are relied upon to rise drastically, and surprisingly more so once the mine authoritatively closes.

How to Choose an Argyle Diamond?

How to Choose an Argyle Diamond?
Source: Talore Diamonds

With regards to extravagant shading diamonds, the main factor is the tone. The equivalent goes for Argyle precious diamonds. 

The vital variables to consider are the stone’s shading force, just as the size and clearness, with the tone’s need. 

On the off chance that you are searching for speculation-grade diamonds, it is prescribed to go with Intense or Vivid shading forces, just as the most significant stone your spending plan permits.

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