5 Types of Extreme Sexual Attractions People Have

Ever wondered if people are sexually attracted to things that are beyond our imagination? Isn’t it strange? Indeed it is. But these actually exist in some people. Here are the 5 extreme sexual attractions which are beyond our imagination.

5 Types of Extreme Sexual Attractions People Have

1. Gerontophilia

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Gerontophilia also is known as “erotic age orientation” is a sexual attraction towards the elderly people. A person suffering from gerontophilia is known as gerontophile. It was coined in the year 1901 by psychiatrist Richard-Von-Krafft-Ebing. He was an Austro-German psychiatrist and author. In his book “Psychopathia Sexualis” written in 1886 he mentioned various paraphilias and Gerontophilia being one among them.

However, gerontophilia is not classified as a mental disorder and also not mentioned in the “Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders” or “International Classification of Diseases”.

The existence of Gerontophilia hasn’t been scientifically proven but there are various studies and papers mentioning the existence of Gerontophilia. Beginning with the French physician Charles Fere in 1905, in his paper he wrote about a 27-year old man who was sexually attracted to 62-year old elderly women which lead him in rejecting a 20-year old youth.

The second case study published by psychiatrist A-Kutzinski in 1929, he wrote about his gerontophilic patient who at the age of 24 was married and had six children. He served in the army during the war and due to complete sexual abstinence he encountered elderly women while bathing and found himself sexually aroused. He lost all love for his wife and was attracted to elderly women.

2. Emetophilia

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Emetophilia is a type of sexual fetish which is sexual attraction towards vomiting or seeing someone vomit. People who are aroused by vomiting are known as emetophiles. Emetophiles can be aroused by:

  • Sounds of someone vomiting.
  • By vomiting on others.
  • Seeing someone vomit.
  • Vomiting alone.

Emetophilies have tendencies to participate in the act of vomiting while having sexual intercourse as they believe it helps them in achieving orgasm. It is believed that this is highly personalized and can vary from person to person. It is generally not considered as a mental disorder but if the person feels its interfering in their day to day activities they can seek medical advice and counselling. Though these don’t eliminate Emetophilia completely but they can help in channelizing their urges differently.

3. Menophilia

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Menophilia is a sexual fetish or arousal where a straight man/gay/lesbian is turned on by menstrual blood. Menophiliacs are known to be aroused by the sight or the smell of menstrual blood. It is also known as “flow”. The reason behind such arousal is that Menophiliacs find menstruation “sexy and hot”. Performing oral sex during the monthly periods is also known as “earning your red wing”. This originated in Hells Angles. People are provided with badges on completing certain tasks.

4. Spectrophilia

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Spectrophilia is a sexual attraction towards ghost and spirits. Spectrophiliaes are aroused by images in the mirrors and also from sexual encounters between ghosts and humans. Spectrophiliaes also fantasize ghosts and often imagine sceneries involving sexual events between themselves and spirits. Though there is no scientific proof of the existence of Spectrophiliaes but many cultures have folklore involving sexual relations of humans with spirits. There are modern fictions created on spectrophilia like Ghostbusters (1984) , The Entity (1981) , Ghost (1990) and It Follows (2014).

5. Eproctophilia

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Eproctophilia is a sexual attraction towards flatulence or farting. Farting is considered to be an embarrassing act but eproctophiles are aroused by the sound or the smell of a fart. Eproctophiles often spend a lot of time thinking about flatulence and having recurring sexual urges involving flatutence. It is usually found in heterosexual males looking for females fart even on items. The existence of eproctophilia is confirmed. There are many people who have concluded themselves as eproctophilies.

These sexual attractions are indeed beyond our imagination.

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