• Health and Wellness5 Tips For Choosing The Best Sex Therapist For You And Your Partner

    5 Tips For Choosing The Best Sex Therapist

    There is a saying which goes, ‘There is always a better way’. We hear the same about the sex life that we are living in. We are so busy in our daily routine that we hardly spend time understanding our desires. Everyone tries their best to fix problems in a relationship. But sometimes, our efforts are not good enough, professional…

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  • Factsaphrodisiacs

    The Science Behind Aphrodisiacs- Effective Or Not? (And 6 to Try Yourself

    Aphrodisiacs are foods that trigger or arouse sexual desires in a human being or enhance sexual experience. It is named after Aphrodite, an ancient Greek goddess associated with love, beauty, pleasure, passion, and procreation. There are plenty of aphrodisiac drugs available in the market, but there is nothing more pleasing than being aroused naturally. These drugs seem to be effective,…

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  • Facts

    5 Types of Extreme Sexual Attractions People Have

    Ever wondered if people are sexually attracted to things that are beyond our imagination? Isn’t it strange? Indeed it is. But these actually exist in some people. Here are the 5 extreme sexual attractions which are beyond our imagination. 5 Types of Extreme Sexual Attractions People Have 1. Gerontophilia (Image credit: bridoz) Gerontophilia also is known as “erotic age orientation”…

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  • Factscondom flavors

    Condom Flavors That Are Too Weird To Think About

    Condoms have been playing a great role in running a safe and protected relationship. At first, it was just a piece of rubber. And now gradually it started coming with a variety of flavors as the condom companies started developing. With major transformation in the art of lovemaking, condom flavors were introduced to change a few aspects of sex from…

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