7 Things only a True Friend does

Your explanations under the subheadings are very superficial and slightly off-key. All the sentences under a heading should contribute to explaining the point, making it more clear instead of going in a different direction.

In every aspect of life, we need a true and real friend by our side. We, as humans, tend to enjoy the company of people of our own kind, and unlike every other relationship, friendship is something we choose for ourselves, we meet a lot of new people in our daily lives but, we don’t call all of them our friends, because for us friendship is something very valuable and those are the people with whom we spend our most of the time. Also, those are the ones who support us, stand by our side and give us some of the most valuable advice. 

All of us have these questions in our mind ,‘ who really is a true friend?’, ‘is there really any true friend?’ or ‘how do we become a true friend?’.

 Well the answer to all these questions arising in your mind begins with the definition of a true friend, which is quite different for a lot of us, but there are certain qualities each one of us search in our friends and what we need to do is to gain those qualities and be the very true friend we want for us because what you give, is what you receive.

So now, let us find out what are some of the main qualities of a true friend that you should adopt to be one.

7 Things only a True Friend does

1. True friends always speak the truth.

“Faithful are the wounds of a friend, but deceitful are the kisses of an enemy”. It takes courage in telling your friend something they don’t want to hear, like a warning about a relationship or stopping them from doing something wrong.

No matter how big the secret may be, being a true friend means you should always speak the truth. Also, whenever your friend asks for your opinion or advice , you should be honest with him/her so that they don’t end up in problems.

2. True friends are trustworthy    

Trusting and having confidence in your friend is the most important requirement of friendship because true friendship means you can count on one another.

There are a lot of people we say are our good friends but it takes someone special to trust with your deepest secrets.

3. True friends are Accepting in nature   

There will be times when both of yours opinions won’t match and you need to respect their choices as well, it is not necessary what’s right for them should always be the right thing for you also .

For example, accept them for who they are, don’t try to change their personality , how they look or how they do their work. They will have other friends who you may not like but you have to try to accept them as a part of your friend.

4. True friends don’t be judgemental

Friends are the ones who make you feel confident and make you love yourself as you are, so having a non-judgemental approach would definitely lead you closer to being a true friend.

Try to understand their beliefs and their opinions rather than judging them for what they choose. A true friend is one who makes you feel unique, not a part of a bush.

5. True friends are loyal  

Loyalty is undoubtedly the most important quality of a good human being, Every of us searches for a person, who we can trust or who is loyal to us, being loyal to someone is the first step towards a long-lasting bond.

A true friend will always support you be it in money, relationships, or struggle whereas a selfish friend will be by your side only when you have plenty to give. It shows that they are only interested in what you are giving them and don’t consider you as their true friend.

6. True friends are respectful 

Respect is what everyone desires and mutual respect is the very pillar of true friendship. Respect has a different meaning in different minds, so try to understand what kind of respect your friend expects from you, be it you keeping their secrets, not talking behind their back, or valuing their private space.

We want a friend who listens to us and not gossip about us, before reaching any conclusion talk to your friend about his/her side of the story.

7. Treating them as equals

Each one of us is different and unique in our own way and treating anyone superior or inferior to you can result in your downfall as well as making the other person feel small or over confident.

There is a very thin line between judging people and analysing them. Remember that you are no one to judge anyone’s qualities. Friendship is a relation built between two equal individuals, if one considers you as their inferior or superior, you can never be true friends with them.

Summing up, friendship is something very real and pure. If you wish to be someone’s true friend, be real and let them see the good in you.

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