women’s health and gynaecology

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    Top 30 Facts About The Female Body You Might Not Know!

    Women burn fat more slowly than men with a difference of 50 calories a day.The female neck is more flexible. When someone calls a woman, she usually turns her head. A man turns his whole body.Female skin is about 10 times more sensitive than that of male.There is more elastin than collagen in female muscles and ligaments. That’s why women…

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    A Short And Simple Guide on Women’s Health & Gynaecology

    Gynecology is the branch of medicine that deals with physiologic functions and pathologies specifically. Especially to women’s health, related to the reproductive system. As such, women’s health and gynecology go hand in hand. Women’s Health & Gynecology has been a matter of concern for all medical professionals. This is because of their unique physiology. Hence, it is important to understand…

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