• The Hornbill Festival: Pride Of Nagaland

    In the entire world, our country, India, holds a different and unique position because people belonging to diverse cultures that live in harmony. The northern part of India is totally different from the south, just like the west is totally different from the east. Northeast India is very different from other parts of India. It is a mélange of different…

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  • Health and Wellness

    Which Is The Healthier Better Option Ghee Or Oils?

    What do you think? Which one is healthier- ghee or oils? If oils are unhealthy, then is every kind of oil unhealthy? Fats are considered the most dreaded enemy for healthy folks. Although, good fats found in nuts are beneficial. The first step in being fit is to choose the right kind of fat for cooking. Oil is an important…

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  • Factsbirthday traditions

    7 Fascinating Birthday Traditions from All Around the World

    Everyone loves birthdays. You must follow common traditions like receiving gifts from the ones you love, eating cake, and celebrating in good spirits when it is your birthday. But these customs aren’t followed everywhere in the world- some cultures perform wildly different activities.  The ancient Egyptians first celebrated birthdays. They would celebrate the day the Pharaoh was crowned as it…

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  • FactsTribes

    Famous Tribes of India and their interesting lifestyles.

    India is prominently known for its complex and diverse culture. The uniqueness of India lies in its distinct traditions and different groups of people. The tribes of India reveal a very interesting picture of the country. The word tribe is taken from the Latin word tribus which mean inhabited place. According to Risley, an Indian tribe can be defined is…

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  • Bizarre Marriage Customs from Around the World

    Marriages are such a happy occasion. Though, there are several cultures with traditions so bizarre, it makes us wonder who came up with them. Here we have listed a few. Kumbh Vivah | India via In India, women born with a specific astrological sign due to the position of Mars,  are forced to marry a statue of Vishnu or…

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