Anamika Tiwari

I am pursuing law student and love to write poetries and articles. Writing has a very aesthetic and positive influence in my life. I keep myself vivacious by writing and try to deal with the monotonous world.
  • Facts

    The Beautiful Art of Calligraphy and Its Remarkable History

    The Art of Calligraphy, also known as a beautiful art of writing means a sure knowledge of the correct form of letters. It came from the Greek words, “beauty” (kallos) and to write (graphein). It is a conventional sign through which people communicate knowledge. In the Middle East, it was a major art form which was considered similar to sculptures…

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  • 6 Rare and Beautiful Flowers of the Himalayas

    Flowers in the Himalayas are widely known for their distinct and medicinal properties. The Himalayan region, with its diverse climatic conditions, is home to many endemic, endangered and beautiful flora. The number of plant species is more than 25,000and these serene valleys possess 10%  of the world’s known species and 50% of India’s endemic plant species. 6 Rare and Beautiful…

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  • FactsTribes

    6 Famous Tribes of India and their interesting lifestyles

    India is prominently known for its complex and diverse culture. The uniqueness of India lies in its distinct traditions and different groups of people. The tribes of India reveal a very interesting picture of the country. The word tribe is taken from the Latin word tribus which mean inhabited place. According to Risley, an Indian tribe can be defined is…

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  • Factshistory of kashmir

    An awesome History of Kashmir and various religions in the valley

    Kashmir, or the ‘paradise on earth’ is surrounded by beautiful mountains. The mountains are the protectors of the people of Kashmir. It was through these mountains, different religions and cultures came into the valleys of Kashmir. The history of Kashmir was always a diverse one as Buddhism, Hinduism, and Islam had an important impact on its people. The history of…

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  • Factstallest ice-cream cone

    Tallest Ice Cream Cone That Will Blow Your Mind

    Which tallest ice cream cone did you eat lately?  Maybe a cornetto or a biscuit cone? It is very surprising to know that an ice cream-making company in Norway has set a Guinness World Record. They set this record by making the tallest ice cream cone in the world.  Henning-Olsen Is AS and Trond L Wøien has set this extraordinary record…

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