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    The Right Way to Shampoo your Hair!

    Most people actually do not know how to make the shower work in their hair’s favour. This is the reason why they either struggle with hard to manage mane or suffer from scalp conditions that affect their tresses. If you have always struggled with oily hair, then dig in and learn how to wash your hair in a better way:…

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    Did You Know That The Concept Of Shampooing Was Invented In India?

    The Concept of Shampooing India has been accredited to a lot of inventions that are held important in today’s life. Be it the invention of the practice of surgery, stem cell banks, or the concept of zero – you name it and we have already been there and done it since the time of the sages. What we used at…

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  • EducationEnglish words originated from Hindi

    32 English Words Originated From Hindi

    Colonization changed the world in ways both good and bad. Cultures from all over the globe came into contact with each other and it wasn’t only the costumes or food that adopted changes from other cultures. Even language saw a massive reconstruction in the wake of colonization. While English was made the language of administration in India, many people might…

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