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    Did You Know About A Village Called

     Poo of Himachal Pradesh, Bettiah of Bihar, Bhainsa of Telangana, Chutia of Assam and Daru of Jharkhand. You will be wondering what are these? These are the names of towns/villages in India. Weird right? Some of these names have logical explanations while others just are. Let’s talk about a village called Via: scoopwhoop       \ India is a place where anything can happen.…

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    Every Family In This Indian Village Of Kalayur Has a Male Cook

    Unique Village of Kalayur: Where Cooking Takes a Twist Food has been an integral part of a human’s life since times immemorial. Every place on this planet has its own special palette. And every corner is filled with a unique fragrance. A foodie can hardly miss out on the smells and sights of a delicious meal. While every country can boast…

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