• FactsCycle Of Life And Death in Banaras

    An Intriguing Cycle Of Life And Death in Banaras

    In Banaras, life starts from praying to the Sun God and taking dips in the water to immersing the ashes of the lost one into the river. It is often said that the essence of a city lies in its rustic buildings and the old narrow lanes. Even though the lanes are crowded and busy, maneuvering your way to the…

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  • Factshistory of kashmir

    An awesome History of Kashmir and various religions in the valley

    Kashmir, or the ‘paradise on earth’ is surrounded by beautiful mountains. The mountains are the protectors of the people of Kashmir. It was through these mountains, different religions and cultures came into the valleys of Kashmir. The history of Kashmir was always a diverse one as Buddhism, Hinduism, and Islam had an important impact on its people. The history of…

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  • Historycover their head during worship

    Why Do People Cover Their Heads During Worship?

    We all know that there are certain rules to be followed when one visits a holy place. Certain etiquettes must be taken into consideration when we worship the God Almighty. One of the etiquettes is to cover our heads while worshiping. But why do People Cover Their Heads During Worship? In this article we will be discussing what covering the…

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