Although I'm a Science student, I love writing. My interest in reading gave rise to an interest in writing. I love to express my views through my writings and am always happy to help people by providing important and useful information. I write on crazy topics that grab the curiosity of the reader. I'm an optimist and have a very beautiful view about life. Life is a gift, we should live it wisely.
  • FactsChanges You Can Expect after Turning 23

    7 Changes You Can Expect after Turning 23

    Life is too short and too fast. Ever wondered what changes in life are after 23? 23 is the age when we start entering adulthood. It is the age that is full of emotional and mental imbalance. We have credit cards now, and we are done with our degree courses, but there are some left behind things too. It’s the age…

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  • Factshorn-ok-please

    Here’s The Interesting History Behind The Phrase Horn OK Please

    Horn Ok Please – A unique phrase that will usually see behind the trucks. The line denotes that driver must honk the horn to overtake the vehicle ahead of them. Image source But what is more interesting is about the origin of this phrase. There are several origin theories for the “Horn Ok Please.” As mentioned, there is no specific…

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  • Health and Wellnesscoconut-water-benefits

    6 Benefits of Coconut Water

    Tender coconut is a perfect drink as it has well-balanced nutrients and vitamins in it. It enjoys the title of purest and healthiest form of water. Why? It is a delicious and refreshing low-calorie natural beverage. One should prefer Tender coconut water as it contains more nutrients than mature coconut water. This is what you notice in your body when you have…

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  • Health and WellnessStrawberries

    8 Healthy Benefits of Eating Strawberries Daily

    This yummy heart-shaped fruit proffer quite more than their sweetness and flavour.  This fruit has the highest amount of nutrients as compared to other fruits, and that’s why strawberries are labelled as ‘Queen of Fruits’.  8 Healthy Benefits of Eating Strawberries Daily Via: losebabyweight.com.au 1. Fights against Cancer Strawberries are loaded with antioxidants that work against free radicals, hindering any…

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  • Facts

    9 Summer Foods That Help You To Reduce Body Temperature

    In India, summers are maddening, and during such season it is very vital to keep ourselves hydrated and healthy as this summer heat takes a toll on our health. As summer is upon us, it is best to include these foods so that our body’s heat stress is maintained. 9 Summer Foods That Help You To Reduce Body Temperature 1.…

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