• 6 Rare and Beautiful Flowers of the Himalayas

    Flowers in the Himalayas are widely known for their distinct and medicinal properties. The Himalayan region, with its diverse climatic conditions, is home to many endemic, endangered and beautiful flora. The number of plant species is more than 25,000and these serene valleys possess 10%  of the world’s known species and 50% of India’s endemic plant species. 6 Rare and Beautiful…

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  • HistoryDraupadi & Pandavas After The Mahabharat War

    What Happened To Draupadi & Pandavas After The Mahabharat War

    The Pandavas hailed and mourned their victory after the Mahabharat War simultaneously. Yudhisthira became the crowned Emperor of Indraprastha and they all ruled happily ever after… Right? Wrong! Let us now learn a lesson in Mythology: The Aftermath of The Great War. After the War, Yudhisthira ruled Indraprastha for 36 long years, and during his efficient reign, he established peace…

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