• FactsSome Uncommon Indian Festivals

    Some Uncommon Indian Festivals

    Dance, music, frolic, gorging on delicious food, mingling of different races and religions, and having a gala time – this is just how festivals are celebrated. India is a land of festivals. Every season is filled with lovely festivals. It is as if throughout the year people worship, spread happiness and colours. This is only possible in India. There are…

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  • Factsglance of Gujarat

    A Gorgeous Glance Of Gujarat: 5 Tourist Spots To Include

    Ever since Amitabh Bachchan recited the line “Kuch din toh gujaro Gujarat mein,” it had an effect on us to want to explore Gujarat at least once. Gujarat, located on the western coast of India has been a promising state in the peaceful struggle of India’s independence. It has been the home of Mahatma Gandhi, whose movements inspired to gain…

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  • FactsDifferent Sarees From Across The Country To Know About

    8 Different Sarees From Across The Country To Know About

    India one of the world’s most diverse countries has never disappointed us with its rich culture and heritage. Be it the North, South, East or West! All the regions differ in their language, food, religion or art-making. Nevertheless, India also offers a beautiful and unique collection of Sarees from different states each with a touch of elegance and vividness. There is nothing…

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  • History

    Why Was Somnath Temple Demolished And Reconstructed 17 Times?

    India has a very long and a glorious history. It has been invaded by many until Britishers came and ruled us for almost 200 years. We have one temple which is famous tourist spot of India but has a long history. It is the “Somnath temple” in Prabhas Patan in Saurashtra in Gujarat. The Shivalinga in the temple is one of…

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