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    Knights Templar: The Legitimate Knights

    Knights Templar was a large organization of devoted Christians, 700 years back who carried out important missions: Protecting European travelers who visited the Holy Land sites and carried out military operations. Knights Templar was a wealthy, powerful, and mysterious order; their financial insights, military valor, and their work on behalf of Christianity are still circulating. Knights Templar source- 700…

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    Illuminated – Uncovering The Cloak Over Secret Societies

    Picture this – a dashing, gun-toting hero. A location with grey overhanging clouds and beautiful old buildings. A sudden encounter, gunshots in broad daylight, some blood and lot of deaths. The hero escapes to hiding, where a nerdy guy decodes a symbol and dramatically reveals the allegiance of the bad guys – gasp!  It’s X. Sounds familiar, doesn’t it? Secret…

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