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A small packet with lots to explore, way too classic with a pinch of colors to drive you to a completely different horizon.
  • Factstropical fruits

    Ala-Carte Of The Vibrant Tropical Fruits Found Globally

    Walking in a supermarket one would feel that they have got a wide variety of fruit choices but in reality, it’s a small sampling of mother’s natural bounty. So here are cascades of tropical fruits from around the world that would make you amaze. From amazing delicious fruits to weird, gritty fruits growing in your backyard the list below covers…

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  • Factsmoles

    Moles Have An Astonishing Story About Our Personalities.

    Have you ever thought that moles on our body have something to describe our personality? So here’s to inform you that yes our moles have a special significance. An average human has 10 to 40 moles in their body. Some see them as blemishes some see them as a beauty mark. Here is an enumeration of the moles that we…

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  • HistoryIron Lady Of Pakistan Muniba Mazari

    The Iron Lady Of Pakistan Muniba Mazari

    So here is a tribute to the iron lady of Pakistan Muniba Mazari. A story of a woman whose perfectly imperfect life made her into what is she today. She is the one who is a true motivation for all the people out there. So let’s see the journey of Muniba which proved to be the turning point in her…

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  • Facts

    Our Ancient Roti Was Found In The History And Is Now World Famous

    “And so the meal is ready”, wait where is ‘ROTI’?  So now you can guess what place this chapatti holds in our everyday life. There is no meal that can be concluded as delicious unless there is roti served. “Chapatti” is something that marks the essence of our Indian culture. It is known by different names at different places –…

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  • FactsSuperstition

    Superstition: An Odious Belief In Our Circle Of Life

    There must be something that everyone dislikes. So according to me, the thing which I dislike the most is stupidity, especially in the nastiest forms of racism and superstition. There are so many things which were served yesterday as articles of faith, but which are fables for us today. So to begin with a very prominent superstitious belief that is…

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