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  • FashionSurprises In The History Of London Fashion Week

    5 Surprises In The History Of London Fashion Week

    New York Fashion Week started very early in 1943, followed by Milan (in 1958) and Paris (in 1973). London Fashion Week was the last to join the party, with its inaugural event happening in a West London car park in 1984. However, its evolution within a short period meant that it soon made a big name for itself in the…

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    Unique Facts About Victoria’s Secret That Many Fans Don’t Know

    Victoria’s secret is one of the most renowned and the glamorous brands to ever exist. Very few people know how it actually came into existence. A man named Roy Raymond went to buy lingerie for his wife. The saleswoman in the store kept giving him disapproving looks making him feel unwelcome in the store. That’s when he decided to start…

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