How Can You Get Paid for Generating Your Own Electricity in QLD?

If you own a solar PV (photovoltaic) system in your home, you may be eligible for feed-in tariffs in Queensland.

What is a Solar Feed-In System?

Renewable energy sources are of different types. And one such source is solar energy. Renewable energy sources are better alternatives to fossil fuels. To encourage investment in renewable energy sources, the solar feed in tariff QLD started.

Solar feed-in is a scheme through which users receive credit for unused electricity. In other words, households that have a solar PV system can produce their own electricity. If they have unused electricity, it can be sent back to the power grid.

Generally, there is a set rate for every kilowatt-hour. The amount generated through unused electricity is received as a credit on electricity bills.

How Does Solar Feed-In Tariff System Work in Queensland?

The system for the solar feed in tariff in QLD works differently for people living in and out of Southeast Queensland.

In 2016, the electricity market of southeast Queensland was deregulated. In southeast Queensland, you may generate extra electricity and get paid by any of the electricity retailers. The retailers offer competitive prices. You must explore multiple options to find the best deals. The Queensland Competition Authority monitors prices. You may use the Australian energy regulator website to compare prices.

You receive the regional solar feed-in tariff if you live outside southeast Queensland and are eligible for a feed-in tariff. The flat rate is available to customers of both important electricity distributors – Ergon Energy Retail and Origin Energy.

Am I Eligible for a Solar Feed-In Tariff?

To understand your eligibility for the feed-in tariff system, you may talk to your electricity retailers. The basic qualifications have been explained below.

  1. You must own and operate a solar PV system with a maximum capacity of not more than 30 kilowatts.
  2. You must consume no more than 100 MWh per year.
  3. You must be connected to the power grid.
  4. You must sign an agreement with your electricity distributor. The agreement must indicate approval to connect to the electricity grid.
  5. Only one solar PV system per premise is allowed. Only one solar system will be connected to the feed-in tariff from one property.

What are the Solar Feed-In Tariffs for 2020–2021?

The regional tariff for households within southeast Queensland for 2020–2021 is 7.891 cents per kilowatt-hour. The Queensland Competition Authority always determines the rate.

Outside southeast Queensland, the solar feed in tariff in QLD ranges between 7 and 12 cents. While choosing an electricity retailer, consider the overall electricity usage along with the feed-in tariffs. The Queensland Competition Authority provides good information to help you decide.

Final Words

No matter where you live in Queensland, you will be able to access a fair return for your solar experts. Conserving solar energy offers multiple benefits. The system of the solar feed-in tariff in QLD is an excellent way to encourage more people to take the initiative. Homeowners must consider the different benefits of investing in solar energy.

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