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    8 Ultimate Facts about Travel No One Has Ever Told You

    It has been a trend now: the word ‘travelling’. You can find the word floating around in almost everyone’s mind these days. The countless ‘travel solo’, ‘wanderlust’, ‘travel diaries’ and whatnot hashtags make it even worse for us to reflect on our studies or long hours of desk jobs. We swear to save funds and travel to cut across the…

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  • FoodMust-Try Famous Coffees From Around The World

    6 Must-Try Famous Coffees From Around The World

    Coffee is more than just a mixture of milk, beans, water, and sugar. It is an essence, a feeling. It is love! While some judge a café’s food by the taste of their best coffee, others cannot start and end their day without one. Coffee is a universal beverage found all around the world and so are coffee lovers. While most…

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  • History

    Did you Know About The Hero Of Kashmir V.K. Krishna Menon?

    Let Us Know About The Hero Of Kashmir Jawaharlal Nehru, Indira Gandhi, Dr. B. R. Ambedkar and Rajendra Prasad are some very well known names in Indian Politics from the 1950s–60s. However, there is one name that fails to appear in most of our history books but is indeed one of the most influential in Indian politics is Mr. V.…

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  • HistoryStory Behind The Evolution Of The Cinematograph

    The Story Behind The Evolution Of The Cinematograph

    The accessibility to the camera is surprisingly so easy that most of us find it to be a fact that they exist. However, while taking a video, how many times have you wondered about how it actually works? How many times have you caught yourself filled with curiosity about how motion pictures are captured so you can see a movie?…

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  • HistoryNeem Karoli Baba

    The Saint Who Attracted Steve Jobs To His Teachings Neem Karoli Baba

    As the years pass by, the number of people believing Sadhus and Sants, as they are called in India, to be frauds who are known to rob people in return of advice which is of no use. It is far more difficult for youngsters like us to believe in such “frauds” because we have seen the likes of famous entrepreneurs…

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