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    Unbelievable Pokémon Money Is A Reality Here: Niue Currency

    Niue, a captivating islet nation and a tiny empyrean utopia, surviving in the middle of Pacific Ocean, is about 2400 km from the shores of New Zealand, east of Tonga, south of Samoa, and west of the Cook Islands. Its land area is about 261 square kilometres. Niue Currency is the most famous thing of this isle. Moreover, It will…

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  • Factshistory of money

    All You Need To Know About History Of Money

    History of money is as profound as the mankind history. All of this started back in 1200 BC when people first started valuing and assessing things for other materials. Bartering and Exchange We have all read about this practice of exchange. Bartering is the first opposite form of exchanging goods and items for other commodities. Transactions were not continual and…

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  • Facts

    This billionaire got lost in the Facebook security Scam?

    The Facebook security scam has taken a big turn this time, and the users are blaming Mark Zuckerberg for this. it is said that yet again he sold the personal data of the users. Mark Zuckerberg is the owner and the CEO of Facebook, which is a multi-million company, for social networking. Almost everyone is on the Facebook. We have Facebook…

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  • History

    Get to know about the Brief History of Indian Rupee

    The Rupee that we use today- the rupee that just went through the turmoil of demonetization and a cleansing process. The rupee with a smiling face of Mahatma Gandhi on it has seen several changes throughout history. How many of us know the fact Behind History of Indian Rupee. The Indian civilization was amongst the few cultures along with Chinese…

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  • Historyhistory of indian currency

    It Is Not The First Time That Rs 1000 Got Banned In India.

    History of Indian Currency With some old currency notes being banned by the Indian government, and new currency being introduced, let us go back into History of Indian Currency to know some facts: The very first Indian currency was in the form of coinage. This was being used since 6th century BC.The coins were made from silver metal. The word…

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